We do not overlook talented people and help them develop

Working at BrandsGoDigital
We value people, their ideas, and proactivity. We appreciate those who can reason their case regardless of the other person’s title and the common view. We love questions, discussions, and we believe that this is the only way to build a competitive international company.
You are an ideal candidate for us if you are a professional and love your job, strive to develop your competencies and are used to doing more than expected. From our side, we guarantee that you will work alongside qualified and driven people who will treat the work as their labor of love
Freedom of expression
Professionalism and passion for your work
We use 360-degree feedback to ensure our employees’ growth, conducting 1-to-1 feedback sessions. For competency assessment, we set OKR for our employees: quarterly objectives and a strategy for achieving results which are directly related to the company’s overall strategy. At the end of the quarter, we give an honest, complete feedback, analyze problems, difficulties, and weaknesses. As a result, employees see all the results of their work, can evaluate their opportunities, growth points, and career track.
We do not work in chaos: it wastes people’s time and does not let us see tasks broadly. We build algorithmic processes, automate routines, and solve problems on a system level, keeping calm and with a cool head. A well-developed algorithmic thinking will be a big plus.
Openness and honesty
Consistency and business thinking
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